Web4Edu specialises in website management for schools. We don't sell you on a design and leave you to do the rest, our services include a full and transparent management solution with strategy, design, content writing, and daily management of your website.

The reality is that most schools simply don't have the staff or resources to develop and maintain a website that delivers at a high standard. Your staff are highly skilled in their speciality but those skills may not include design, copywriting, or website best practice.

Why use a website management service?

If you're looking to eliminate the challenges associated with typical content management systems; things like the investment of your time, staff training, meeting the expectations of parents, and being assured that your website meets all compliance and statutory requirements, Web4Edu is here to help.

With our service there is no training required, no content management system to learn; just send us your newsletters, photos, events and we do the rest. We even send reminders to your staff when content should be updated. We proof and edit, create graphics, and format your photos and videos to keep your website looking professional.

Year on year your website will remain informative, up-to-date with web technologies, and reflect your school as it grows.

How can I keep parents up to date?

Social media for schools should be a vital part of your communication strategy which is why we have integrated with Twitter and Facebook to provide parents with website notifications and messages from the school office.

Parents can subscribe to your page for quick updates, pictures, events and more. This is a far easier and more effective solution than using an app and improves the online presence of your school.

As part of our website management service we can make your social media efforts seamless and highly effective.

Easy Updates

Update your school website with a simple message, file, or email. Think of us like your IT coordinator, just ping your requests to us and we will notify you when they are complete. We personally review all requests to ensure they are suitable for the web before publishing.

Documents are automatically converted to PDF to ensure compatibility across all platforms.

Scheduled Publishing

Need to update your school at 6am on Monday morning but don't fancy getting up early? Tell us when to publish your update in the request or email. We can also schedule the update to stop appearing on your website at a particular time - a great feature for job vacancies.


With the ability to quickly share to your social media accounts, news posts are central to your school updates. Add images to further engage with your parents and drive traffic to your website.


Convey key messages and urgent announcements directly on your home page. Ticker animation draws the eye and helps to ensure that school closures and emergency announcements won't be missed. You can also post directly to your social media accounts, text message, and email parents to spread the word.

Parent Portal

Publish homework and letters home in a private area where parents can easily download all files relating to their year group. We work with you to enrol all parents into your school portal.


All school websites include a visual calendar. Send us individual dates or bulk import with our easy to use Excel template. Parents can "Save the Date" to their personal calendars with a single click.

Image Gallery

A visually engaging way to celebrate your students and promote the range of events taking place at your school, all of our websites include responsive image galleries. We will automatically format, resize, crop or rotate any images that you send us so they look great on your website.