IT Strategy & Consultancy

Technical consultancy that helps you align IT systems and operational objectives

Culvertech provides a blend of knowledge and experience to help you simplify, modernise and secure your technology backbone.

Primarily working with small to medium size businesses, we help to evolve your applications, processes and infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern and efficient company, no matter what industry you work in.

We design technology roadmaps and strategy, assist with scoping and delivery of new systems, and provide unbiased technical management and advice.

Our digital solutions transform business, operations and processes in line with new technology and industry demand.

Business Drivers

Businesses are constantly challenged to adopt the latest technologies to keep ahead of their competition and provide the best value to their customers.

Mobile and web applications have now become a part of all industries and with customers' increased expectations it is paramount for any business to innovate in order to thrive and grow.

From implementing cloud strategies that improve business offering, to empowering your employees with the right resources and technology at their disposal, digital transformation should be considered in every facet of your business.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation leverages new technology to improve all aspects of the customer experience. This includes developing or adopting the right technologies to modernise your products and underlying processes and services that support them.

Because technology and business requirements are always changing, we stay ahead of the curve to identify opportunities for your business to excel and become the key player in your field.

Cloud Services

Cloud services can give your business more flexibility, efficiency and value that isn't available from traditional systems.

If you are a new business then implementing cloud technology can be much easier to achieve, but if you have existing tools engrained into your businesses processes then this can make the transition more difficult.

When you partner with Culvertech, we analyse your business and processes to help you choose the right technologies that provide the greatest impact, efficiency, profitability, and flexibility.

We also help transform and optimise your existing IT services and infrastructure by working closely with your support providers and vendors on your behalf.

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Security and Compliance

Managing and protecting data isn't simple or easy. There are numerous threats to your IT infrastructure and multiple privacy laws and regulations your company must follow. Not having the right security plan increases your risk of data breaches and liability for any losses.

Data security is a team effort, and it's important to educate your employees on security threats, compliance requirements, and risk mitigation.

Culvertech provides routine training sessions to keep your staff informed about emerging threats and tactics for recognising and preventing breaches.

We promote a friendly and relaxed environment and help your staff at their own pace, avoiding as much of the technical jargon as we can!

You will learn about:

Password management and best practices to secure your personal and business accounts

How to avoid being a victim of social engineering by performing actions or divulging confidential information to hackers

Device security and the real world risks of leaving devices unattended and using public networks

Simple mistakes that can leave your entire business and operations vulnerable

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